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First Appointment - Impression

•  An examination of the patient’s tissue and gums are performed.

•  An impression of the mouth is taken.

•  The impression is then poured in dental stone to obtain a model of the mouth.

•  A handcrafted bite registration device and wax bite 

blocks are fabricated.

Second Appointment - Bite

•  Using the handmade wax esthetic form, we take measurements of the skull structure and lip level.

•  We obtain a record of the patients correct bite pattern and jaw relationship.  This gives us a record for the correct height, width and length of the teeth.

•  Selecting tooth sizes, and colours and shapes are done on this appointment. They are done based on the personalized measurements that have been obtained.

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Third Appointment - Try-In

•  Each individual tooth is set by hand into a wax form, 

according to the measurements and registrations 

recorded at the previous appointment.

•  The patient evaluates the tooth size, color, shape and position by placing the wax form containing the teeth into their mouth.

•  The wax forms will be loose, as they are only in wax.

•  The patient ensures they are happy with the appearance of their dentures; if not, the final process will not be done.

•  If the patient is not pleased, setting up another Try-in appointment is 

recommended. This appointment is very important to us because we want you to 

be happy with the appearance of your dentures.

Fourth Appointment - Finish

•  During your fourth appointment you will receive your new dentures, and with a 

few last minute adjustments they are ready to take home.

•  After receiving your dentures, please keep in mind that you will need further 

adjustments as you grow accustomed to your new dentures.

•  It is normal to have as many as 4 to 6 adjustments appointments in order to get 

that proper fit.

New dentures from Valley Denture Services Ltd. will improve your appearance, promote better health and add to your self-confidence. Contact us today to discuss your needs or to schedule an appointment.


Kentville Clinic (Head Office)

381-B Main Street

Kentville, NS B4N 1K7




Kingston Clinic

1351 Marshall Road

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New Minas Clinic

9362 Commercial Street

New Minas, NS B4N 3E9




Windsor Clinic

173 Gerrish Street

Windsor, NS B0N 2T0



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